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The Four Positions Of The Holy Spirit

"The Four Positions of the Holy Spirit" is an organized study and guide through the Bible as it addresses the challenge of knowing the Person and ministry of the Holy Spirit. 

I had studied the doctrine of the Holy Spirit from the time I was saved in 1974. My wife and two sons kept saying, "You need to write a book." 

So in 2013 the journey started and by February 2014 The Four Positions Of The Holy Spirit had become a reality and I held my first published book in my hands.


I fully believed this was a one-and-done venture. Little did I know that the Lord would be leading me to resign from the full-time pastoral ministry to enter writing full-time. And the thought that I would have over 20 books published in three years is still unbelievable to me. 


Now, I have my own publishing company and conduct writer's conferences. So, folks, the only limitation is that which resides within you. Write that first paragraph, then that first chapter and see where it leads you in life. 

Charles Morris

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It all starts by learning how to focus on what you want to share with the world. Decide to move from passion to paper to print


Next, you’ll reflect on what may be blocking you, and learn how to overcome those obstacles. It's time to stop justifying and start overcoming.

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Start writing. Don’t wait until you HAVE the time. MAKE time. By writing your story you learn how to continually refine what you have learned in life.

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Reviewed by Lynn Babe

An organized and guided study that helps Christians communicate meaningfully with the Heavenly Father.

It is impossible to know God as He wants you to know Him or respond to the Great Commission meaningfully if you and He aren’t on speaking terms; you must hear what He ways. Few Christians doubt that God hears their prayers and petitions, but suffer frustration when they strain to hear what He says in reply.


The author begins by affirming the need to hear from God and that He speaks. Pastor Morris writes, “The real problem is, ‘Do we have ears to hear what the Father is saying to us today?’”


This book is an organized study and guides through the Bible as it addresses the challenge of hearing God amid the many competing voices in the world. The author identifies five distinct rival voices, how to recognize them, and how to silence those that prevent you from full communication with God.

Additional studies help the reader become spiritually ready to hear God’s voice and keys to unlocking the treasure of God’s messages. I applaud Pastor Morris for making the point that, “When God speaks, it is usually unique to that individual.”


God is personal, present, and constant. No voice that disagrees, disputes, or twists the word of God found in scripture is authentic.


Lest you think this is a simple study for those new to the faith, I assure you it isn’t. As a Christian author and veteran of ministry, I found within these pages great insight, advice, warnings, and inspiration for my work. The next book in this series, “15 Ways to Hear the Voice of God,” is waiting on my desk. I’m particular about what I read because time is a limited and precious resource. This book is time well spent.



Reviewed by Donna Minter Walton


Don't want to miss this reading on 15 Ways to Hear the Voice of God

This book is a blessing and a good study book as well with all the Scriptures to go along with 15 ways to hear the voice of God. I strongly recommend this book to those who want to hear the Voice of God.


Reviewed by Holly Lemons

From this book as I read it, I found myself pointing a finger more at myself because I am a Christian and a "member" of God's church. In order to be a part of a body of a Spirit-filled church I had to develop these characteristics in myself - being that I am a believer - disciple - Christian now.


Use this book as a mirror first, then help and encourage others to follow - and hand them a copy of this book. Then as a corporate group of Spirit-filled Christians, we will find ourselves growing together in harmony to reach beyond ourselves. Go ye therefore... Holly Lemons


Reviewed by Terry Scott

Easy read and allows you to write a book with some basic techniques most people do not know. The information in this book will allow you to be confident and write that book you have always wanted to do but put off. Remember to stop waiting and start walking forward to share your experience with others in a book.


Reviewed By Terry Scott

How to walk in a world with purpose

In order to grow as a believer in the Lord, we must remain humble before the Lord. Charles has covered in-depth the areas we need to look at for our lives to flourish and prosper in the Lord


Reviewed by Terry Scott

This is a great book that goes into detail covering the truth about salvation and who we are in Christ Jesus. Charlie has put his life into his writings and teaching and is truly a man of God led by the Holy Spirit.

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