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Raising The Standard International Publishing


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We don't know what we don't know

Publishing a book is far more than just writing it and throwing it out there to the public. The phrase from the movie Field of Dreams, "Build it and they will come" is not true in writing.

Millions of books are written each year. What makes yours stand out among the crowd? 

I hope to offer some tools to get your book from being a dream and passion to paper and print.

Then from promotion to the people.

Don't Know

Writing, Editing, Publishing, & Marketing Tips


This is not the time to re-invent the wheel.Your greatest resource is your time. Use it wisely. The leading publisher and seller of books in the world is Amazon. Your book needs to be one that answers the "WHO, WHAT, AND WHY questions that hook people into purchasing, reading, and talking about it. Don't let your book get lose in the tens of millions of books on their website. Amazon currently has over 16,000 categories to pick from. Your ten categories along with your keywords are vital. You can't publish your book and walk away and wait for something to happen. You need to make something happen.

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