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Charles Morris

I have been told that I am an enigma. I am like a round peg and I refuse to be forced into a square hole.

I served in pastoral ministry from 1977 to 2018, after which I began a career as a full-time author. Prior to this I served in the US Air Force from 1972-1986 and am a disabled veteran.

I am passionate about the manifested presence of God. I am excited to assist spiritual leaders in any way possible. I love seeing the Father's authentic, biblical leaders taking their position of grace and authority, and working towards seeing true unity in the Spirit and unity of the faith within the body of Christ. 

In 2000, I founded Raising the Standard International Ministry (RSIM), assisting pastors, spiritual leaders, and the body of Christ to pursue God's manifested and mature into Christ. I help the body of Christ to be the unified body with each member doing his/her ministry for the good of all. 

Some say that I am known for my uncompromising approach to God's Word without denominational or religious bias. And that I have the unique ability to use word pictures to paint the truth of God's Word. My desire is to see those who have a passion, a dream, and a message burning in their heart find a way to get it into print and into the hands of readers.

My message, uncompromising in nature, instills the virtues of honor and respect for other believers. My key message for the believer is one of dying daily to self, embracing the beauty in personal brokenness, walking in the Father’s righteousness, and living in the power of the Holy Spirit.​

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