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Becoming A Great Writer

Doing The First Things First

Everything I know how to do now, I had a first time of doing it. And believe me, that first time was a mess.

The first time I used my dad's electric circular saw I cut through the power cable. He was less than pleased.

The first time I started out writing was in Germany in 2000 when I sent out a devotional every day. At first it took me hours to develop the devotional, format it, and then send it out. After a while I was writing five in one setting. By Sunday afternoon I had a whole of devotionals finished and ready to send. So what did I desirer in this? The key to writing is just to write. Write, write, and then write some more.

I currently have thousands of pages of notes ready to be formatted into books. I have over 7,000 sermons and over 1,300 personal Bible studies ready to be formatted. I also have books and books of daily journals I kept notes in. It has been in me to write down what I see and hear since 1974 when I was saved. I still have the first Bible study I attended in Sept. 1974 when I was only three days old in the Lord.

MEN: I want to challenge men who read this to read and write. It is a statistical fact that as a whole men seldom read, journal, or take notes. I can attest to this after 47 years of pastoral ministry when I watched wives jotting down notes from my messages, while the men sit there looking at me. Now they were attentive, but it is a fact that most of us only remember 10% of what we hear. So, although attentive to my message, most men could not tell me anything on Monday of what I preached on Sunday.

If you want to become the writer that you would enjoy reading, then write something everyday. A blog, an email, a post, a letter, or a journal entry. Write something. According to a survey 82% of adults dream of writing a book someday. They hope to express a heart-felt concern about a subject dear to their heart, teach something important, or to earn another stream of income.

It all starts with writing something daily.

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