Books by Rebekah Lyn

Seasons of Faith

Lizzie Reynolds is blessed with success in a job she loves and wonderful friends. Her faith in God grows each day, but since the loss of her parents, she’s been searching for her place in the world. When she stumbles upon a rundown house in the historic center of downtown Orlando she sees a home waiting for someone to love it. Unfortunately, she’s never done more than put together a bookcase.

Contractor Jeffrey Robbins is angry at the world and burying himself in his work. When Lizzie Reynolds shows up on his job site with a request for advice on renovating a house, he wants to say no, but something about her draws him in. 

Can they come together to restore the home before a historic hurricane season destroys it for good?


Michelle Burton’s rock band, Tangled Web, scored the opening gig for a well-known band. She’s ecstatic and sure the future looks bright until a brutal murder in her office reminds her how fragile life is. She’s questioning her choices and her judgment, especially when Jeffrey Robbins, an unpleasant man she met at a club calls. He’s not the type of guy she wants to have anything to do with. He’s controlling and jealous and overbearing. Or is he? Something is different in the way he speaks to her and she finds herself wanting to know what’s changed.

Nearby, at Hotel Lago, Stephen Longbottom has been left in charge as concierge manager while his boss, Lizzie Reynolds, is off on a romantic ski trip. Stephen’s trepidation at managing his first event for a multimillion-dollar company and their incessant demands have him rethinking his career choice. When he uncovers a plan that could ruin the client’s reputation he has to decide if he should share what he knows and risk losing his job or keep quiet and hope for the best.


Lizzie Reynolds is in love with Ian Cavanaugh, a handsome, kind, funny man who loves God and her. After a weekend skiing trip with Ian and his family, she knows he is the man with whom she longs to spend the rest of her life. However, parts of her past haunt her still and make her so fearful of a relationship that she pushes him away, leaving both of them frustrated and confused.

By God’s grace, Lizzie had found freedom from her past mistakes, but this last secret might be the hardest one of all.


The Christmas season is fast approaching and with only twenty-four days until Lizzie Reynold's wedding, she's squeezing in dress fittings, last-minute cake tastings, and, of course, some Christmas shopping. In anticipation of her impending marriage and honeymoon, Lizzie's type-A personality pushes her to put in long hours at Hotel Lago, a boutique hotel in downtown Orlando.

With ingenuity and flair, Lizzie has saved the day for countless despairing brides at Hotel Lago, now that it's her turn to be the bride, will someone step up to save her wedding day?


Jessie Cole Trilogy

The morning Alan Shepherd rocketed into the sky to become the first American astronaut in space, changed everything for Jessie Cole, a 10-year-old boy living in the shadow of America’s fledgling space program.

“One day, I am going to ride one of those rockets,” he declares to his skeptical brothers. Jessie, determined and passionate about his dream, falls prey to disillusionment as his family life disintegrates at the hand of their alcoholic and abusive father. How can he concentrate on future hopes with so many changes in his daily life?

Jessie’s always been a dreamer, but will his dreams be strong enough to launch him out of poverty and into space as his high hopes battle harsh reality?


Jessie Cole has relentlessly pursued his dream of becoming a member of the elite astronaut corps. Now, an officer in the U.S. Navy and an ace pilot, he can taste success. When the Space Shuttle Challenger explodes before his eyes, he’s devastated by the loss of life and the questions his future now holds.

To add to his worries, two attractive women are proving a distraction that was never part of his plan. He has to learn how to release resentments of the past in order to open his heart again. Forgiveness and determination will be required to make his relationship and career work. But will they be enough?


Jessie Cole worked hard to rise from humble beginnings to achieve his dream of becoming an astronaut. He didn’t think he’d face a more difficult challenge until he became a father. Now, he must weigh his decisions and endeavor to raise his children with the values of faith, perseverance, and love that shaped his own life.

Mariana Cole has gazed up at the heavens with wonder since infancy. Tales of her father’s trips to space feed her curiosity and drive her to understand why humanity hasn’t traveled beyond our own moon. Will she follow her father’s path or blaze her own trail to change the trajectory of space exploration?


Coastal Chronicles

Julianne Finnegan lives in the shadow of her successful brother, Michael, while her own professional life is a disaster. A chance encounter with Oliver, a handsome actor, gives her the courage to leave her job and explore her true potential.

Oliver Nordstrom is enjoying the peace of life in a small town where no one knows him. When he learns of Michael’s connections to his past, he fears his secrets will come out, ruining the tentative relationship budding between him and Julianne.

Gavin Weston, a famous movie director, and Michael’s best friend, has always thought of Julianne as a sister. The passion that motivates her to break free of her shell, captivates his attention and makes him see her with fresh eyes. 

Faced with tough choices, will Julianne choose glitz or a steadfast love?

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